the need for an inspection

Our home is often our most single, large investment and it’s crucial for buyers to be fully aware of what you are actually buying?

Buildings are never static and are subject to movement through ground swelling and shrinkage, thermal and moisture variation; pest or mould attack, wear & tear.

Construction technique and building quality are put to the test. As buildings age, construction errors and weaknesses in the building ‘fabric’ become apparent.

How much is apparent to the buyer and what remains hidden?

A pre-purchase building and property inspection is a comprehensive visual inspection that reports on the condition, structural integrity, defects and safety of not only the exterior and interior of a building but also the site. ‘Hidden’ areas such as sub floor, roof space and roofs are inspected for faults and defects. A comprehensive room-by-room inventory is made. The objective is to remove uncertainty and become informed.

advantages & benefits

The inspection report gives the purchaser a clearer understanding of the condition and defects at the time of the inspection facilitating an informed decision.

The report is a vital tool in any further negotiations the client may be involved in and to potentially resolve issues that may arise.

The report is an excellent tool or starting point for identifying rectification works and planning future maintenance.

For a fraction of the purchase price the added value is protection for yourself and peace of mind.