NO licensing requirements for building and property inspectors: how to navigate an unregulated market.

Building and property inspectors are no longer regulated under the Home Building Act in NSW or required to be licensed by NSW Fair Trading since 2009.

With the purchase of a ‘home’ being typically our largest single lifetime investment, the cost of a building and property inspection is a small outlay, but the associated risks of second rate advice can be high. 

With the Building Consultancy market for pre-purchase inspections deregulated, there has been an influx of ‘pseudo’ building ‘professionals’  offering unqualified and inexperienced advice on often complex construction issues.  

The reports describe defects often in vague and superficial terms, such as ‘reasonable’ or ‘acceptable’ or ‘average’ condition that don’t actually or clearly state what the defect is.

+ado building inspection reports ‘do not waste paper’ with superficial appraisals..

+ado practice methodology: is it a defect? : YES. Then state this in clear and certain terms.  Is it there NO defect to a particular building element or finish then this is considered and recorded as ‘OK’.

Record the forest and miss the trees?

Likewise, in the case of multiple instances of minor defects, it is not intended to detail and record each and every individual instance of a minor defect or imperfection.

+ado inspections reports present a balanced, factual and unbiased assessment.

Before engaging a building inspector check the following:

  • check building qualifications and actual building experience of the inspector.
  • check sample reports online: are the reports of defects framed in vague terms?
  • check for over-simplification.  Can the inspector address and explain complex issues.
  • check for professional indemnity insurance.


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