what we do

  • ado offer a qualified and independent pre-purchase & pre-sale building and property inspections to comply with Australian Standard AS4349.1-2007.

  • ado have over 25 years building construction management and design experience. We further specialise in heritage conservation and restoration.

  • Richard Eastman is qualified to provide an independent professional assessment. Qualifications include Bachelor of Science (Building/Building Construction Management) and Dipl Arch. (Heritage Conservation and Restoration).
  • ado is housesafe accredited.

  • ado is professional indemnity & public liability insured.

  • digital reports delivered within 24 hours of inspection.

+ other services

  • building dilapidation reports

  • home owner builder warranty insurance reports

  • tax depreciation schedule reports for investment properties.

accessible areas investigated are as follows: 

  • The site

    Stairs, drainage, pergolas, patios, courtyard, retaining walls, driveways, paving & more.

  • Inventory

    Any cracks to building elements internally or externally and recommendations.

  • Building exterior

    Such as walls, windows, doors, paint finishes,decks, balconies, balustrades and more.

  • Subfloor space

    Integrity of structure, ventilation, drainage, damp and pest protection and more.

  • Roof space

    integrity of structure, ventilation, insulation and safety thereof around lighting, evidence of pest invasion and more.

  • Roof exterior

    Gutters, eaves, fascias, ridge and other cappings and flashings, valley gutters, dormer windows.

  • Building exterior

    a room by room inventory of defects to walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, cupboards, benches, wardrobes, cabinets. In kitchen and bathrooms: plumbing fixtures, seals to bath, showers and benches, taps, towel rails, tiles, vanity, cupboards and more.


The reports are methodically structured and supported with photographic evidence. The structure of the report examines each of the investigated areas above and further clarifies issues with a:

  • Summary of MAJOR and MINOR defects and defect type
  • Summary of SAFETY ITEMS: stairs, balustrades, pool fencing, fire alarms, hearth protection.
  • Inventory of ACCESS at the time of the inspection

terminology and definitions

  • Disclaimers & exclusions are only applied where appropriate and conform AS4349.1

  • “Need for further investigation” is summarised and confined to one section of the report.

Reporting method & investigation are bound by the Australian Standards series for Building Inspections AS4349.1 2007.