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ado building offers a range of specialised or specific item inspection reports for home owners, home builders, commercial property owners, quantity surveyors and facility managers.


For home builders entering the 5-day practical completion notice period, it is prudent to have a 3rd party independently inspect the building works for defects and omissions before the building owner makes the final payment to the builder. Although the Builder must warrant building works under Statutory Warranties of the Home Building Act, without an independent professional assessment defects and omissions may go undetected. An effective control ‘mechanism’ is a Handover Inspection report that examines the quality of works in terms of finish, building works true to form, operational aspects and Building Code and or safety requirements. +ado building inspections provide this service to help facilitate a timely resolution and conclusion of building contract works.


Structural cracking or distortion, moisture and damp issues, defect workmanship or incorrect application of materials and methods often require a more thorough examination of the issue at hand and raises many questions such as:

  • What is the cause and extent of the problem?
  • What are the regulations, standards or codes requirements and in what way does the defect not comply?
  • What is the recommended course of action to mitigate further damage and rectify the defect?

A specific item defect inspection report is also valuable tool for resolving issues where a third party may be involved such as insurers, builders, engineers, contractors or property managers.

ado building has over 25 years of technical experience in building and architecture. The reports are thorough, professional with a structured approach to resolving complex issues.

+ expert witness inspection & reports

In building construction dispute resolution, an Expert Witness report is a procedural, comprehensive technical analysis and evaluation ‘tool’ to facilitate an independent and impartial opinion regarding matters that may come or have come before the Courts or NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

The NCAT gives Procedural Direction (3) as to how Expert Evidence be presented and conducted in the proceedings of the Tribunal.

Guidelines of duty centre around the following principles of independence and impartiality. paraphrased, as follows:

  • ‘An expert witness has an overriding duty to assist the Tribunal impartially on matters relevant to the expert witness’s area of expertise’ and
  • ‘An expert witness has a paramount duty to the Tribunal’ ..and
  • ‘An expert witness is not an advocate for a party’

Depending on the matter, an opinion is built from the material and substantial on-site evidence that may cover, but not limited to QUALITY of ‘as built works’, DAMAGES, DEFECTS and FAILURES when compared to regulatory requirements of The National Construction Code (NCC) of the Australian Building codes Board (ABCB), applicable Australian Standards, Guide to Standards and Tolerances, relevant manufacturers specifications and statutory warranties.

In matters of INCOMPLETE WORKS resulting from, for example, suspension or breach of contract, insolvency and/or the subsequent filing of any Home Owner Warranty Claims, an opinion is built from the material and substantial on-site ‘as built’ evidence when compared to Contracted Documents such as plans, specifications, tender and contracts.

Disputes are more effectively resolved when the liability and quantum can be accurately and soundly articulated to mediation, Courts or Tribunals.

  • We are experienced in documenting complex technical problems. Experts opinions must be soundly based, complete and reliable.
  • With 25+ years of in-house design and construction experience we provide effective advice and solutions.
  • We adhere to the requirements of the “Expert Code of Conduct”
  • Where required Supplementary Opinion Reports in response to opposing party’s claims provide claimants or defendants the
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