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Our home is often our most single, large investment and it’s crucial for buyers to be fully aware of what you are actually buying?

Buildings are never static and are subject to movement through ground swelling and shrinkage, thermal and moisture variation; pest or mould attack, wear & tear.

Construction method + technique and building quality are put to the test.  As buildings age, construction errors and weaknesses in the building ‘fabric’ become apparent.

The questions crucial to overall integrity and a measure of the relative condition for the age of the property are:

  1. Is it well built? and
  2. Is it well maintained?

How much is apparent to the buyer and what remains hidden?

A pre-purchase building and property inspection is a comprehensive visual inspection that reports on the condition, structural integrity, defects and safety aspects.

Major defects or a high incidence of minor defects have a direct associated cost in terms of repair or replacement, but also urgency in terms of unsafe conditions, loss of utility or the prevention of further substantial deterioration.

Building repair and replacement cost is expensive and can escalate quickly. The objective is to remove uncertainty and become informed of ‘at what potential cost?’

The report is a vital tool in any further negotiations the purchaser may be involved in and to potentially resolve issues that may arise.

The report is an excellent tool or starting point for identifying rectification works and planning future maintenance.

For a fraction of the purchase price the added value is protection for yourself and peace of mind.

+ process & pricing

 The process is as easy as A-B-C:

  • Advantages

    Familiarise yourself with the benefits of a pre-purchase building and property inspection.

  • Book

    Book an inspection and we organize access with the agent or vendors for the next day. A thorough site investigation and record is made. You receive the report emailed within 24 hours.

  • Call

    Receive a follow up call to discuss the findings and put the issues into perspective. 


There is standard inspection price for a unit or house (typical 3-4 bedroom & garage). For a quick quote use the adjacent form or call Richard on 0433690073.

For larger properties the inspection price depends on the size of the property, number of bedrooms + bathrooms, number of levels and any additional out buildings such as granny flats or sheds.

Should you wish to proceed, go to +ado bookings page or call Richard on 0433690073. to book direct.

Areas serviced are Coffs Harbour, Bellingen, Woolgoolga, Nambucca, Dorrigo and surrounds. Additional travel costs may apply.

Payment options

CASH or CHEQUE on the day of the inspection, or
CREDIT CARD: please call to process, or
DIRECT DEBIT on or before the day of the inspection

+ pre-purchase inspections

what we do : added value of +ado

Our GUARANTEE of service and PROTECTION: what do we offer?


ado has the knowledge, experience and expertise to correctly identify complex issues and correctly articulate and target appropriate recommendations in one report. +ado sets a suitable course of action for complex or major issues to determine cost implications and facilitate an ‘in all fairness’ negotiated settlement for both parties.


Richard Eastman is qualified to provide an independent professional assessment. Qualifications include Bachelor of Science (Building/Building Construction Management) and Dipl Arch. (Heritage Conservation and Restoration). 25 years+ building construction management and design both nationally and internationally. +ado is Housesafe accredited.


time spent on site is critical to be able to form a thorough and comprehensive inspection report ‘opinion’. We spend typically a minimum of 2 hours and upwards to 3 hours for larger or poor condition properties.


+ado reporting methods are documented and supported with photographic evidence and structured and categorised to comply with Australian Standard AS4349.1-2007. +ado also provides a simple guide to CLASSIFICATION OF DEFECTS document notes to assist with the interpretation of the building report and a follow up call to put issues in perspective.


24-Hour turnaround guarantee from the time of inspection. (Same day turnaround on request). Digital reports delivered within 24 hours.


+ado is Professional Indemnity & Public Liability insured for RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL property inspections.


+ Identifying the defect is only half the work.

Beware of generic or speculative reports where each and every defect is accompanied with “recommend further investigation by a licensed builder”. These reports demonstrate a lack of insight and have the intention of absolving responsibility. It also raises the question: what is the VALUE of an inspection report, when the inspector you pay, is unable to form a qualified opinion? The purchaser is subsequently obliged to undertake FURTHER building inspections and consultation at cost or proceed blind, all the while experiencing the pressures to finalise contracts of sale.


In 2009, the NSW Office of Fair Trading deregulated licensing requirements to conduct a pre-purchase building inspection. Pest Inspectors are now undertaking Building Inspections in a COMBINED building and pest inspection. With little or NO building and or construction experience, a pest inspector is not equipped to conduct a professional building inspection and/or advise professionally on the outcomes. Check qualification and experience. Experience matters.


The incidence of missed or undetected items and reporting failures as a direct consequence of rushed inspections among unqualified, high turnover inspectors is high, typically resulting in omissions with unexpected cost implications for the purchaser or a messy dispute and PI indemnity insurance claims.


Unqualified reports are typically framed in general and non-specific terms throughout and use terms such as ‘average condition’ or ‘reasonable condition’ often in areas of the report without actually stating the defect OR

+ failure to categorise significant items in Major and Minor defects to differentiate urgent actionable items from general maintenance. OR

+ failure to make suitable recommendations for specialised inspections such as invasive inspections, structural or geotechnical engineering inspections, fire safety or services inspections.

+ failure to set a suitable course of action for complex or major issues to determine cost implications and facilitate an ‘in all fairness’ negotiated settlement for both parties.


Check that the inspector you engage is adequately covered by Professional Indemnity insurance.

+ pre-purchase pest inspections

+ pre-purchase pest inspections

+ ONE INSPECTION / TWO INSPECTORS: we offer additional protection and guarantees.

+ado building inspections works in conjunction with one of only two true local and reputable, accredited and insured timber pest inspectors with a long track record of community investment and service.

+ ado delivers a combined building and pest inspection report at a competitive rate.


A qualified pest inspector / pest technician, has the crucial duty to record past or present termite, borer or wood decay fungi activity or damage as per Inspection of Buildings: Timber Pest Inspections AS4349.3 2010

In pest training and professional practice, the one major ecological trait of termites that is common and basic knowledge to all pest technicians, is that termites are 1. a colonising insect and 2. they are secretive.

Evidence of activity varies greatly from in plain sight evidence, to subtle or minor traits, to partial concealment, to full concealment.

The position of buildings in relation to ground level along other conducive conditions such as high moisture a food source and limited light elevate the risk of activity.

It is crucial to use a highly qualified and astute pest professional, who can evaluate the matrix of conditions, attributes and evidence to facilitate further discovery in the case of full concealment.

Despite licensing and certification regulations, the industry is fraught with risk with a higher incidence of failure among some operators. The failure is found typically in the reluctance to recommend an invasive inspection that can answers the question of not just ‘Is it damaged’ but to ‘What extent is it damaged?’ Further, the purchaser should also be aware of an over-statement of risk with a practice of up-sell of expensive chemical injection treatments.

+ building consultancy & inspections

ado building offers a range of specialised or specific item inspection reports for home owners, home builders, commercial property owners, quantity surveyors and facility managers.


For home builders entering the 5-day practical completion notice period, it is prudent to have a 3rd party independently inspect the building works for defects and omissions before the building owner makes the final payment to the builder. Although the Builder must warrant building works under Statutory Warranties of the Home Building Act, without an independent professional assessment defects and omissions may go undetected. An effective control ‘mechanism’ is a Handover Inspection report that examines the quality of works in terms of finish, building works true to form, operational aspects and Building Code and or safety requirements. +ado building inspections provide this service to help facilitate a timely resolution and conclusion of building contract works.


Structural cracking or distortion, moisture and damp issues, defect workmanship or incorrect application of materials and methods often require a more thorough examination of the issue at hand and raises many questions such as:

  • What is the cause and extent of the problem?
  • What are the regulations, standards or codes requirements and in what way does the defect not comply?
  • What is the recommended course of action to mitigate further damage and rectify the defect?

A specific item defect inspection report is also valuable tool for resolving issues where a third party may be involved such as insurers, builders, engineers, contractors or property managers.

ado building has over 25 years of technical experience in building and architecture. The reports are thorough, professional with a structured approach to resolving complex issues.


Maintenance Inspection Reports are an effective way of planning and costing periodic maintenance to avoid high associated future cost of neglect. Properties degrade, deteriorate and depreciate without due care. Minor defects can become major defects. Minor defects may conceal safety hazards. Early detection and prevention reduces the risk of much higher costs at a later stage.

As a diverse array of trades are often required to resolve maintenance issue and there are efficiency and cost saving benefits engaging these trades in a structured way, a maintenance inspection report provides a tool to identify the issues and facilitate this planning cost effectively in one report.

These reports are valuable to property investors where the running and maintenance costs have an intrinsic role in overall return on investment in the life cycle of the building.

+ expert witness inspection & reports

In building construction dispute resolution, an Expert Witness report is a procedural, comprehensive technical analysis and evaluation ‘tool’ to facilitate an independent and impartial opinion regarding matters that may come or have come before the Courts or NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

The NCAT gives Procedural Direction (3) as to how Expert Evidence be presented and conducted in the proceedings of the Tribunal.

Guidelines of duty centre around the following principles of independence and impartiality. paraphrased, as follows:

  • ‘An expert witness has an overriding duty to assist the Tribunal impartially on matters relevant to the expert witness’s area of expertise’ and
  • ‘An expert witness has a paramount duty to the Tribunal’ ..and
  • ‘An expert witness is not an advocate for a party’

Depending on the matter, an opinion is built from the material and substantial on-site evidence that may cover, but not limited to QUALITY of ‘as built works’, DAMAGES, DEFECTS and FAILURES when compared to regulatory requirements of The National Construction Code (NCC) of the Australian Building codes Board (ABCB), applicable Australian Standards, Guide to Standards and Tolerances, relevant manufacturers specifications and statutory warranties.

In matters of INCOMPLETE WORKS resulting from, for example, suspension or breach of contract, insolvency and/or the subsequent filing of any Home Owner Warranty Claims, an opinion is built from the material and substantial on-site ‘as built’ evidence when compared to Contracted Documents such as plans, specifications, tender and contracts.

Disputes are more effectively resolved when the liability and quantum can be accurately and soundly articulated to mediation, Courts or Tribunals.

  • We are experienced in documenting complex technical problems. Experts opinions must be soundly based, complete and reliable.
  • With 25+ years of in-house design and construction experience we provide effective advice and solutions.
  • We adhere to the requirements of the “Expert Code of Conduct”
  • Where required Supplementary Opinion Reports in response to opposing party’s claims provide claimants or defendants the
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